About Us



Govanhill Law Centre is a free and confidential legal resource for the Govanhill community. We are a charity and employ qualified solicitors (charity no. SCO30193). We are a branch office of Govan Law Centre and through the legal practice Dailly and Co. Solicitors we undertake expert legal advice, court and tribunal representation in Scotland. Govanhill Law Centre is funded by the Scottish Government, Oxfam & supported by Govanhill Community Development Trust, Govanhill Housing Association and UNISON. We provide legal advice on housing, employment, benefits, education and consumer matters to clients by way of appointments and drop-in surgeries. We can assist anyone living in the Govanhill area, with a focus on enforcing the rights of minority ethnic communities and in particularly the Roma community. We can normally arrange free interpreters when required.

We have provided advice to Scottish, Romanian, Slovak, Asian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Czech and Irish clients on many topics including unreturned tenancy deposits, illegal evictions by private landlords, tenancies in a seriously dilapidated condition, non-registered A8 national workers, employers noting wrong National Insurance numbers on wage slips, property factoring problems, unpaid wages, problems registering clients children for school, statutory repairs notices, sexual discrimination and redundancy issues. The benefits matters dealt with for migrant workers include complex tax credits cases, clients who have been refused Income Support because they have failed the “habitual residence test”, housing benefit entitlements, applications for crisis loans, maternity benefit entitlement and Disability Living Allowance claims