Legal ResourcesScottish Parliament – find out what’s happening in the Scottish Parliament. A comprehensive resource, with access to the ‘Official Report’ of proceedings and parliamentary Bills.

Scottish Executive- access to press releases, reports and policy documents from the governing body in Scotland – the ‘Scottish Executive’.

Private rented housing – Scottish Executive website for private sector tenants & landlords; useful information and advice.

Glasgow City Council -  website of Scotland’s largest local authority; find out what’s going on in Glasgow.

UK Statute Law Database – access any UK primary legislation as amended & up-to-date; a fantastic free legal resource for the public (introduced on 20 December 2006).

HMSO (Scots law legislation only) – full text of Acts of the Scottish Parliament, Scottish SIs and the
Scotland Act 1998.

HMSO (UK legislation generally) – full text of Acts of the UK ‘Westminster’ Parliament and Statutory Instruments.

Scottish Courts Service (Scottish case law) - full text of many judgments of the Court of Session since 1998; and
judgments of the Sheriff Court where a point of public importance or interest arises.

The Courts Service (English case law) – the judgments of the Court of Appeal and many English courts; also decisions of the Social Security Commissioners and various UK tribunals.

House of Lords – judgments from the House of Lords since 14 November 1996.

Employment Appeal Tribunal – judgments of the UK Employment Appeal Tribunal.

Social Security Commissioners - commissioners’ decisions by subject category.

House of Commons (Hansard) – the official reporting service for the first chamber of the UK Parliament, including Commons debates from 1988.

House of Lords (Hansard) – the offical reporting service for the socnd chamber of the UK Parliament.

European Parliament – in the words of the 1957 Treaty of Rome, representing ‘the peoples of the States brought together in the European Community‘.

European Parliament (UK office) – the UK information office of the European Parliament on-line.

European Commission – the European Union’sExecutive body and guardian of the treaties‘.

Scottish Federation of Housing Associations – Scottish housing news, and the on-line RSL magazine, Federation Focus.

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